Tech 2020: 10 Most Powerful Woman Leading Global Market


With an intent to inspire and celebrate woman champions in technology, this news showcases ten influential individuals to the whole world. Centering on C-level executives and correspondent management roles, it has set out to determine the state of female headship at the world’s highest-earning tech giants.

Mitze Amoroso – CIO/Senior Vice President, ArchCare

With over 19 years of experience at ArchCare, Amoroso finds ways to contribute to cost savings, increase efficiencies, and implement the latest technologies to deliver better service. She is a leader in the strategic and operations areas, which sets her apart from other CIOs. A Security Awareness Program was implemented under Amoroso’s direction at the company, which resulted in an almost 93% enhancement in security initiatives.

Catherine Bessant – Chief Operations & Technology Officer, Bank of America (BoA)

Catherine Bessant was positioned number one in the “25 Most Powerful Women in Banking” following her success in finance and technology. She secured this place for three successive years by American Banker. Her leadership under BoA witnessed the launch of Erica, a popular virtual assistant which is still one of the company’s most robust and commanding tech inventiveness.

Jeanine L Charlton – Sr. Vice President/Chief Technology & Digital Officer, Merchants Fleet

With an all-encompassing Fortune 100 technology leadership background in the transportation, supply chain, manufacturing, and automotive industries, Jeanine offers strategic guidance to Merchants Fleet technology initiatives. Being at the forefront of IT, she always focused on placing the firm for technological advancement and sustained growth alongside building a culture that celebrates modernization and teamwork.

Karenann K Terrell – Chief Digital & Technology Officer, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) PLC

Being a former CIO of Walmart, Terrell led a multi-year effort to change the GSK’s data usage, analytics, and digital engagement with customers. She works with various partners in the healthcare sector to bring novel technologies to GSK, improving the interaction with healthcare professionals and customers, enhancing the areas such as clinical trials and drug development, and making in-house processes well-organized.

Rhonda Vetere – EVP, Chief Information Officer, Herbalife Nutrition

With 25+ years of experience in managing IT divisions of over 20k people across multiple continents, Rhonda has led the charge in industry sectors ranging from finance to insurance, telecommunications to technology, and retail to beauty. Her primary mission is to utilize her experience and leadership to drive change in the world, and positively impact IT, institutions, and businesses, and thereby the people they serve.

Barbara Lavernos – Chief Technology & Ops Officer, L’Oréal SA

Spearheading the company’s global transformation efforts to meet the demands of a consumer in the digital age, Lavernos has the crystal vision of future growth. She leverages customer insights to make crucial business decisions and also to tailor marketing strategies that address the diverse cultural elements of different countries.

Diane Jurgens – Chief Technology Officer, BHP

In her first year with BHP, Jurgens worked on expanding the firm’s tech function, which now spans program delivery, R&D, and technology operations along the value chain transforming assets into salable properties. Because of her globalization agenda, BHP is now credited with numerous novelties, including the utilization of AI and machine learning, which is quite challenging to deploy in the mining segment.

Lori A Beer – Chief Information Officer, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Chairing at the operating committee of a multinational bank and investment firm, Beer screens the hastening of technological developments, incorporates new digital solutions and triggers the progression value of the latest tools with a team of 50,000 technologists. She manages a yearly budget of US$11 billion, which consists of the firm’s portfolio of wealth and asset management, retail, and wholesale trades.

Pam Sergeeff – EVP, General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer, TiVo

With over 20 years of legal experience, Pam is responsible for offering strategic business and legal expertise and guidance for efficacious commercial or technology transactions, governance, compliance, and M&A initiatives. She is recognized as one of the National Diversity Council’s “Top 50 Most Powerful Women in Entertainment” in 2018 and as one of its “Top 50 Most Powerful Women in Technology” in 2020.

Susan Hwee – Head, Group Technology & operations, UOB Bank

Under her leadership, UOB has standardized specific procedures to handle core and digital banking, services, and infrastructure. According to Hwee, consumers should be positioned in the center of robust technology architecture. She accepts that inclusivity is a sustainable commercial strategy. Hwee has also managed some initiatives that transfigured clerical roles into labor opportunities for autistic folks.