USA Technologies Announces Remote Price Change (RPC) for Seed Software Suite


USA Technologies, or USAT, a popular cashless payments and software services firm known to deliver end-to-end tech solutions for the self-service retail market, has launched Remote Price Change (RPC) for its Seed Software Suite. The company is offering RPC for free during July.

Lance Whorton, CEO, and President, Imperial Co, says, “The time and money spent sending technicians to each machine to update the pricing can sometimes take months to complete across our entire business. USA Technologies’ new Remote Pricing feature will most certainly aid in that endeavor and accelerate our ability to ensure accurate prices are updated within hours, rather than days/months.”

He adds, “This comes at a critical time for all of us in the business, and now we can leverage that time and effort into things like re-merchandising, to ensure we are selling the right product at the right time, and at the right price to our consumers.”

USAT has made this component for its Seed Software Suite, letting clients make costing updates on well-matched machines distantly. At present, operators can utilize this system to expend up to $100 each trip, directing a technician to physically update prices at a machine between getting to the machine, fuel costs, and the time spent on the given location.

By and large, specific administrators’ machinery charges item costs unique in relation to the sum shown in the administrator’s vending management system or VMS. This results in the blunders among genuine collections and expected ones in the operators’ accounting system. This discrepancy will undoubtedly cause revenue loss by charging a lower price than the actual tag. Manually determining these errors increases the staff time that could have otherwise been utilized for productive tasks.

Anant Agrawal, Chief Revenue Officer, USAT, states, “Remote Price Change has been one of our most widely requested and eagerly awaited features. Now customers can ensure their products are priced appropriately. They can make needed pricing changes conveniently, from any location, via their Seed software, thereby reducing the time and manual effort previously spent doing these tasks in person.”

This new component permits clients with RPC consents to refresh the befuddled costs, assuming any, on their DEX vending machines. On the off chance that the ideal cost is not quite the same as real ones, the Seed software will notify you with an alarm, called Price Exception Alert. This alert conveys operators of all the product coils about the price changes, thereby preventing revenue loss.

The Price Exception Report tells all the compatible machines about the mismatch in the current price being charged at the machine and what you have selected in Seed. This error usually occurs when you change a coil pricing but fail to update the machine via Remote Price Change (RPC) or physically out in the field.