Qorvo’s Recent FEM Module to Improve IoT Efficiency


QRVO recently improved infrastructure solutions portfolio with the industry’s premier dual-band integrated front end modules (FEMs) — QPF4800 — in a bid to increase its Wireless Connectivity technology.
The small-sized, deeply integrated and efficient new dual-band FEMs support frequency bands extending from 2.4GHz (gigahertz) to 5GHz. The latest FEMs are principally designed for Wi-Fi 6 customer premise equipment (CPE), holding the IoT.
The most advanced solutions support Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, BLE, Zigbee, LTE, and Cellular/NB-IoT, which are not only dense but will also aid in increasing the battery life of portable products. Distinctly, Qorvo’s FEMs technology will boost speed, latency, security, and keep a check on the heat released. It will also determine connectivity and reliability difficulties.
The company also displayed its QPF4800 Wi-Fi 6 FEM and other Wi-Fi solutions at IBC 2019 recently. Further, the most advanced FEMs comprises a power amplifier, low sound amplifier, an RF switch, and limiter in a miniature form factor. It improves linear output power by 77 percent as compared to the dual-band FEMs establishing Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac).
We believe Qorvo is poised to augment traction with these new FEMs as these adhere with the designer’s product standards of a compact form, enhanced performance and robust intervention mitigation and cost-efficiency. Further, these new products are increasing the company’s stock portfolio.
Per an EJL research statement, shipments for huge MIMO driving radio transceivers are forecasted to reach 500 million units by 2022. Per Qorvo approximations, the market for large MIMO base station is anticipated to generate USD1 billion by 2022 in RF solutions. The company’s increasing RF product portfolio about tremendous MIMO base stations bodes well in the extended haul. Moreover, IoT devices have been obtaining significant traction of late. As per Statista, the number of connected IoT machines will hit 31 billion by 2020.
Analyst firm IDC anticipates worldwide IoT spending to touch a total of USD1.2 trillion in 2022. Per IoT Analytics, the amount of active IoT devices is anticipated to increase from 7 Bn in 2018 to 10 Bn by 2020 and 22 Bn by 2025, inclusive of devices on the consumer and enterprise side. Qorvo is well poised to benefit on this demand on the back of its strong product portfolio, strengthening IoT capacities and critical contributions.